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In theory yes but it can happen that admins decide to block the Slack API.

If so, you need to ask your admin to change that setting.

No. You are the one sending the messages. It’s not a bot.

They will see messages exactly the same way as if you typed them directly on Slack.

When you add a team, we analyze it all day long and we make statistics about the moments people are online. It allows us to define when people are most likely to see your messages.

No. You will use the Slack login system and we connect to your team via the official Slack API. You never need to give us your Slack password.

You can already add a file.

PROFESSIONAL plan allows you to add ten teams.

Of course. You can mention people using their username, use the generic notifications (@channel, @here, @everyone) and mention a channel with the '#'.

Yes. We use Stripe as a payment service. It is well known and recognized for its security.

We do not read or use your messages for any purpose.

We do not share any information with anyone.

No we’re not. We believe Slack is a great tool and an awesome company, so we decided develop because it’s the tool we needed to optimize our use of Slack.

No. However, we are thinking about it.

No sends messages on your behalf, exactly the same way you do. There is no way to see that the message is sent using our service.

When you schedule a message or a private message, you need to choose when the message will be published.

When you activate auto-schedule, it’s our algorithm that determines the best time to share the message. That moment is the result of the analysis of the behaviour of your team on the previous weeks.

This help you reach a maximum of person within your Slack team.

When you type a message, click on the button “repeat” and choose of often you want to repeat it.

That period is not limited.

You can choose a different message for each team.

First, you need to activate this function in the auto-reply section and to choose a message for each team.

As soon as you receive a direct message on Slack, will automatically answer with the pre-determined message.

Go to the poll section, click on 'add a poll'.

Type your question and all the answers you want to propose.

Then, schedule it to the moment you want to publish it.

That’s it!

We only ask what we need to make work properly and we only do it to serve you. needs to send messages on your behalf and analyse your team to determine the best time for the auto-schedule function.